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Fuck slut shaming.

It’s not slut shaming, it’s called self respect. You just don’t show your breasts all the time, they’re privates. Shut the fuck up.

why should anyone’s nipples be such a big deal though? it’s a bit weird to say that it’s okay for men to be shirtless and not women… I respect myself quite a bit and sometimes I’ve posed topless. it doesn’t make me a bad person and if someone loses respect over me showing a body part that literally everyone has, they’re regressive.

The reason breasts are considered “privates” is because misogynist culture oversexualizes the female breast despite it not being a sexual organ. The fact the males can go around shirtless in most public places (even if they are large enough to have breast-like pecs themselves) and females can’t is sexism, end of story.

Self respect isn’t about rather or not you show your breasts, it’s about being comfortable with your choices. If you want to pose topless, that’s okay. If you don’t, that’s okay too. What’s not okay is doing what the girls in the top picture are doing and saying you’re better than someone else because you choose one way and they chose another.

Telling women that they should be ashamed for choosing something that doesn’t hurt them or others (and by hurt them, I mean like choosing to do drugs or something like that), you are contributing to the patriarchy and oppression.

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All week long we’ve been celebrating Doctor Who by reminiscing about where we started, who got us into the show, and talking about what being a Whovian means to us. To end our  #NewToWho week - let’s share the show with someone new! 

Being able to share your love for a show/movie/podcast/brand twitter/fanfic/etc with each other is the best part about fandom, and when you can share your fandom with someone else, it’s a fantastic feeling. It’s also very rewarding, because showing this thing that you love so much to somebody else gives you the opportunity to support them through the roller coaster of emotions they experience as they watch for the very first time. It’s like being #NewToWho all over again! 

And don’t forget that one of the best things about Whovians is that ANYONE can be one. You can watch an episode with your parents, or your dog, your cat, your librarian, the person who does your taxes, local zookeeper, a friend who lives on the other side of the world, the ghost that haunts your room sometimes, your friend’s cat (make sure you ask permission,) imaginary friend, adipose plush, literally anybody.

And what better way to introduce someone new to the show than with a surprise #NewToWho digital prize pack? It has reaction gifs for your new Whovian friend to use on Tumblr, a cheat sheet for your friend to learn about the show, some fun trivia facts (just because they’re fun), recipes for your next viewing party, and a special letter from Doctor Who Tumblr. You can download the prize pack here!

So tell us a story about how you’ve shared the show with others in the past or how you plan to do it now, make a post about it using the hashtag #NewToWho, and we’ll be reblogging some throughout the day. 


You can grab the entire pack here (53MB zip file.)

You can grab the entire pack as individual files by clicking the links below. 

(We tried to keep the images at sizes that would suit most people’s computers, so make sure you’re viewing the images full sized before printing. If you want any of these bigger pop them into your fave photo editor and blow ‘em up!)


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